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  Russia 304 
  Hungary 280 
  Brazil 266 
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  RS 488 
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  nW 110 

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  Csongi 189 
  Shadow 152 
  OREL 135 
  Incog 125 
  Gal 105 
  Turko 83 
  HHC 73 
  Zed 69 
  chuvash 56 

Welcome to Winter Worm Olympics 2010!

For the newcomers here's a short summary of what this exactly is. The Worm Olympics are basically a large amount of Worms Armageddon tournaments hosted in a short period of time. The tournaments can be hosted at any time, by anybody and with any scheme!

WWO 2010 is taking place between 18th December 2010 and 2nd January 2011.


You don't need to "register" to play in WO. Just be there when a tournament starts, sign up, and play. :)

Please read the player's guide and FAQ for more information. After each tournament you play in, please upload your replays.


If you want to host your own tournament as part of WO, please read the hosting guide and rules (new!) after that feel free to register it. :)

WormNET down?

If for some reason WormNET goes down while you are hosting/playing in a tournament, try using an alternative server.

Previous Olympics

Looking for a previous website? Check here!
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